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We’re All Alone Together – I’m out on a Day Pass

Written By: IAmBeeMiceElf - Sep• 23•13

I hate doing housework.  Not that housework itself isn’t reason enough to hate it, I usually wind up thinking … well not so much “thinking” as listening to the angel on my one shoulder converse with the devil on my other– It’s more like… eavesdropping on myself.  Sometimes I blast my stereo to drown them out, but sometimes they’re really entertaining.  Oh yeah – and before you get all worried and think I forgot to take my medication, I don’t think Satan actually lives on my shoulder or in my head, and there are no angels there either, I ASSURE you – it’s just what I call them –you call them whatever you want – Yin and Yang, peanut butter and jelly, Sylvester and Tweety … just know, I am not a danger to myself or others.

Today, the devil was telling the angel how we’re all alone in this world, while the angel professed we are all in this together. So while I was sorting laundry and defunking the bathroom this is what was going on.

Devil: We’re born alone, we die alone.

Angel: We’re born from love and there’s always someone who loves us.

D: You’re naive. Are you trying to tell me anyone has ever felt exactly the way you have? Are you trying to tell me, every person alive has someone who care about them? This is why we can’t be friends, that’s ridiculous.  Some people are assholes, they deserve to be alone and unloved.

A: Maybe they ARE assholes because they’ve been left alone and feel unloved.

D: So you proved my point – we’re all alone.

A; You don’t see a difference between being left alone and being alone?

D: If we were together, and one of us left we’d all have to leave, because… well – we’re together.  Just the simple fact that someone could be left alone, once again proves, we are alone.

A: Being left requires an action, just being doesn’t.  Not having people around you means you are left alone, either you left, or they left.  Being alone means you’re by yourself you stand ALONE.

D: whaaat the fuck are you even talllkkking about?! If you are left alone, you are by your SELF – ALONE!

A: Okay than, what’s his name?

D: Whose name?

A: The guy who’s alone.

D: There isn’t ONE guy! There’s lots of people!

A: There’s lots of people alone?

D: Exactly! By your own definition! You said  something like not having people around you means you are left alone being alone means you’re by yourself. There are lots of people alone by themselves.

A: It means there are a lot of people alone who don’t know they’re together – No one left.

D: If they are alone it means someone left.

A: Nope. If they are left alone it means someone left, if they are alone it means they are by themselves and no one is by themselves. .

D: You’re talking in circles.

A: You’re listening in circles.  You’re connecting the end of being alone to the beginning of being left alone.

D: How can I not?

A: You are hearing, when a person is left alone, they are alone – AND – you are saying by that reasoning, they can never be left alone, because we are together.  What I’m saying is once they are left alone – that’s the end of that – they are NOW together with the other people who have been left alone and therefore they are all together and not alone… They just don’t know there are other left alone people.

D: I hate you, this is why I moved all the way to the other side of the shoulders.

A; It’s okay, you’re not alone.

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