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“It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.” ~W.C. Fields

Dear Carlos Danger

Written By: IAmBeeMiceElf - Aug• 02•13

I am not in your constituency.  I am not your peer or your friend.  Actually, I could NOT care less about you personally.  This is completely for my selfish purposes – but I assure you – it is 100% beneficial to you as well.   I truly want you to take your “lessons learned” and apply them to your life as well as your politics.  Buuuuut…. I want you to use the REAL lesson you learned, not the lesson you want us to think you learned.  Not the canned, dry, flat, rehearsed, publicist dream lesson, but the life changing, eye opening, I GET IT lesson.  The lessons that truly make you a smarter, if not better, person.

First and above all we learned, we’re never really sorry for “the deed” we are apologizing for.  We’re sorry we got caught.  I say we because, let’s be honest… well… he who is without sin…  As many a silly man before you has learned, the downfall is not in the cheating, it’s in the gold digging tart you cheated with.  Anthony Weiner was ahead in the polls, the public was well on it’s way to forgiving him… and then…. up pops a tart.  Your statement to the press was “I told you there would be more.”   —>The lesson you thought you learned was, if you give full disclosure in the beginning, people should be forgiving when they prove to be true.  The lesson you should have learned, stop fooling around with toaster pastry!  If you’re not smart enough to find a woman who has just as much to lose by getting caught, than at least have the common sense and decency to sext your wife. This is where most men fail.  They go looking for Oz over the rainbow when it was in their own back yard the whole time. Your wife is a filthy whore! It’s okay, trust me, she loves it! Send her juicy messages about how you can’t wait to get home to soap up her dirty little body in the shower and give her a good spanking!  If your wife really is the “wear granny panties and only put out on your anniversary and Christmas” DON”T run for political office – I guarantee you will go looking for it elsewhere, and with all that pent up not gettin any she has built, I don’t want to be near that fan when she lets it go after you’re caught.

Part of Anthony’s undoing was his own screw up -a self induced accidental “disclosure”- The lesson you thought you learned was “make sure you check your “To:” carefully before you hit send. The lesson you should have learned: There is NO privacy. NONE! Not anywhere. There is no “delete.” There is no “undo.” If it’s on an electronic device it is “out there” and it is retrievable. ((In the natural course of events– don’t start sending me crap “what if I throw it in acid??”)) I also appreciate politicians who “get it done” – I just wish more people were in office who “got done” what I think is important, and not so much the laws that say we shouldn’t feed the homeless. If you are elected I want you to use your powers for good and not waste my time telling me what size soda I’m allowed to posses in the movie theater (but that rant is for another day and another blog). We NEED someone to watch the watchers. If you are elected I want you to realize there are people out there that can and will use your information against you. They will take it totally out of context and use it to their end to ruin you. “You” of course, being “us”. I want you to fight these types of laws. I will ALWAYS vote “third party” so this is no endorsement for Rand Paul either – but when he fights for the freedoms of Americans to not be killed by unmanned drones in our sleep with no due process, I want you to stand with him. I want you to realize the power you have to fight for the people. The people who like to send naked pictures of themselves, and get back naked pictures of grown women, the people who like to look up crock pot recipes and shop on-line for school supplies. Encourage whistle blowers who are fighting for our privacy rights. Repeal laws that make people afraid to speak up and pass laws that keep your politician peers out of our underwear!

Carlos Danger! I think you know these things already. You’re a pig! I like that ::wink wink:: You are far more “real” than your doppelganger Anthony. I would vote for you in a second!

Anthony Wiener, you’re an insincere self serving politician. You had a good thing going. I would and could fully support you, except for one thing. You apologized for something you shouldn’t have apologized for. You weren’t sorry for e-wanking, you’re sorry you got caught.

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