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Cheaters, Crappy Parents and Facebook

Written By: IAmBeeMiceElf - Aug• 19•13

“Facebook causes too much drama.”  This is the number one reason given when you ask a person why they don’t have a page.  I don’t think Facebook “causes” anything, although I do concede that it does help aid the drama that exists without Facebook.  Just like, I don’t think Facebook “makes” people cheat, although, it does make it easier (as did the railroad, women entering the workforce, cb radios, and any other situation a cheater could use to their advantage).  Used properly, it’s the perfect “public relations” outlet, except to insiders who know better.

Most people use their page to share things as they would in real life, in the same way as they present themselves at work or at organizations they’re a part of.  Some people use their page to only post “the best of the best”.  A quick google search on “Facebook depression” will yield countless news articles describing how everyone else’s constant good news makes “normal” people seem “not as happy in comparison.”

The next time you see a “I LOVE MY WIFE MORE THAN FOOTBALL!!” post, or a “Look at this new tattoo with my kids names on them, they’re my whole wuurrrrllldddd.”  I don’t want you to shut your laptop screen and think “oh, he must really love his wife” or “gee whiz, what a good mom!”  I want you to consider WHY this person posted that.  Did he say he loves his wife to inform us of that, or to convince his own wife?  WHYYY does she have her kids names tattooed on her? Because she loves them? or because she’s trying to convince them she does? or maybe even trying to convince herself?

I, right out and unapologetically ADMIT, as soon as I get home from meeting you, I’m going to search for your Facebook page.  I’m not about to propose that I’m constantly being sleezed on, but I can tell you, EVERY time it’s happened, “His” page has always been devoted to his wife and kids!  One time, that particularly stands out was when I running and “he” ran behind me the whole way making nasty comments, which I laughed at and brushed off, in spite of the fact that they were pretty offensive (and I am farrr farrrrr from easily offended… faaaaaarrrr!!)  I set my best running time ever trying to stay away from him, so I looked at it as a plus.  A few days later I was informed that he would be moving away and this might be my only opportunity to “get some of that” (which I do recall the EXACT line he used was “it’s available”).  Needless to say, I did NOT take that “once in a lifetime opportunity”.  To see his Facebook page, you’d SWEAR he was devoted husband of the year.

Your kid got an A, he was so proud to show you during your 1 hour, chaperoned visit.  By all means post away because it’s not like you can share your joy and excitement WITH THEM every single day.  How else are they supposed to know you care! You NEED to post it on Facebook.  How ELSE is EVERYONE supposed to KNOW you LOVE your kids IF you DON”T post it publicly??  These are the parents… if you didn’t know them – Everyone is out to get them or they had a “hard life” — they don’t tell you they don’t even have custody of their kid.  They don’t tell you they spent all their money on crack and that’s why the mother took them away. That’s a nice tattoo, DAD, of your kid’s portrait… don’t you think they would have preferred diapers and formula? You have 3 kids under seven years old, 3 baby daddies, you don’t have custody of 2 of them because your current boyfriend (daddy #3) can’t afford them, and their dead beat dads don’t pay.  They live with your mother, but I’m sure glad you posted how they are “the world” to you, how you would do ANY thing for them (except stop giving them siblings, or get a job, or tuck them in every night…)  Thankfully, we all have that status to verify.., you DO love your kids.

There are people who genuinely love their spouses and children and feel the need to keep everyone constantly informed of that.   I can almost 100% assure you though, if a man is so inclined to only be happy via his wife, he is not going to hit on you.  Parents who only post about their children’s accomplishments, I feel bad for them (and their kids).  Those parents have the bar set pretty high, I really hope the kid can maintain those standards.  Eventually though, those children will be grown and then, what is left of the parents who know no other happiness except through their children?

OF COURSE we ALL post about our happy times! We all post when we have proud MOMENTS.  If you ONLY post about that, I’m sorry, I won’t believe half of it.  IF your life was THAT good — if your kids are the second coming of Christ, if you’ve never had a bad day at work, if your life is sooooooo joyfully good and free from any stress and turmoil, you’re lying.  I’m sorry, you’re life doesn’t have to be complete shit for me to believe it, but your kids are not THAT good, your husband DOES piss you off and NO JOB is “stress free” I don’t care how much you love it, that is NOT the way life works.

Well then, WHO is this about??  As I always do, I’m going to say “It’s about whomever it applies to.”  Did you read this and identify? Then all I’ll say is, if the shoe fits…. Use this as an opportunity to learn and grow and become a better person.  If this isn’t about you, then take this as a reminder to “consider the source”.  When someone NEEDS to constantly publicly proclaim their love and adoration, you have to wonder why and who it’s for.

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